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We are a young couple, married just a few years ago. We made having a video of our wedding a priority and are so glad that we did. We have lost count of the number of times we have watched our film and we love nothing more than sharing it with friends and family to relive our special day.

With a keen passion for photography and film for a number of years, we volunteered to video the wedding of a couple of our closest friends.  We enjoyed it so much that we decided to venture further and make a business from it.  We are passionate about telling the story of the couple through beautiful film and music suiting their own personal taste. 


The Team


The main camera operator of the team who will be running the shoot and editing your film. A complete perfectionist who is passionate about capturing memories and telling your story.



The main administrator and second camera operator. Primary School Teacher by day, Shona uses her organisational skills to help keep everything in order and enjoys casting her creative eye over all of our projects.



Our fun loving cockapoo that keeps energy high in the editing process with all her playful antics. Likes to help out by dropping the occasional ball on to the laptop and more often the subject for testing out new camera equipment.


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